Yesterday was a hard day here. It seems that walking may not agree with ZuZu. She's been clingy and irritable the last couple days, I think her newfound independence is intimidating to her. Anyway, yesterday was the worst day we've had in a while. ZuZu has always been a pretty high-needs (aka, I need mom all the time, sleep none of the time) baby, but never to the extent she was yesterday. She wanted to be held non-stop, refused to nap, and was just one sad cranky little person.

So I bailed.

J got home from work and I gladly handed her off for a much needed solo run to Costco. After an hour away I walked in the door feeling a bit refreshed but less than excited to see ZuZu. I reluctantly went about getting her ready for bed. We grabbed the nighttime diaper and pj's, her book and pacifier and headed for our room. I crankily got her dressed for bed, read to her, and sidled up next to her so she could have her evening nursing session.

And then she made all the work of the last 11 months totally worth it.

With a big grin she stopped nursing. She looked me right in the eye and signed "happy".

I'm happy too, sweet girl.


Crafty momma nurtures new momma's soul.

I love this blog. Love, love love. It makes me want to clean less, worry less, stress less, and instead craft more, play more, just be more.

Hope you love it as much as I do.


My how she's grown...

Sweet ZuZu is now ten (yes 10!) months old. Sad. And happy. Here's a little update on what my pumpkin has been up to.

Weighs: 21 lbs.
Measures: 28 inches
Says: Banana, DaDa, MaMa, and many many other things as yet indistinguishable to my ears.
Signs: More, please, dog (this sign doubles as her sign for excitement), tree, water, all done. I think there are a few I am forgetting, it seems she is signing all over the place these days!
Does: Smells things, claps, points incessantly, brushes her hair, pulls daddy's beard, pulls Cowboy's toes, makes silly faces, pushes purees away, laughs a lot, back-arches a lot (this girl knows what she wants!), crawls, pulls up, stands alone, and - drumroll please - takes steps!!

My baby girl took her first step on Saturday and has pushed the number to three consecutive steps now. So proud of you big girl!!

Here's a video of her "silly face" (it was a weekend morning, hence the ragamuffin appearance). I'll try to post a video of her taking steps later.